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Bethany's Difference

Our Distance Learning and Onsite Difference
Bethany is different than many colleges and seminaries that offer off-campus studies. The administration of Bethany has laid out its programs of study in an order that a pastor or Christian worker should receive them. That is, Bethany did not just throw in various course subjects to fill up a 30, 60, or a 120 semester hour program. There are certain foundation courses that should come first and then one builds on the foundational course subjects. Bethany has taken into consideration what a pastor should know in order to perform the work of the pastorate. Again, for the Bible teacher, Bethany has taken into consideration the course subjects needed by the teacher to perform the task of teaching God’s Word.

Let us look at an example. When you eat an apple, you first remove the peel; next you come to the meat, and then the core. The same approach is made when teaching a student. You first lay down the foundational courses, next you advance to a deeper level, and last to a more deeper level. For instance, you would first survey the Bible as a whole. Next you would study the various books of the Bible separately, and then you would study the Bible Doctrines and Theology.

Bethany has taken into consideration that if a person is called into the ministry as a pastor, he needs to have injected into his program of study course subjects that deal with the pastorate such as Homiletics, Pastoral Administration, Leadership and etc. Bethany is concerned about helping you reach your educational goals and needs and so the college and seminary has taken the time to lay out programs to meet those needs. This is what makes Bethany different.

It Does Not Take A Lifetime To Earn Your Degree

You can earn a recognized, creditable degree in a timely fashion through Bethany’s accelerated off-campus distance learning program. You can transfer up to 90 credits from an acceptable college or seminary and complete your final year with Bethany and earn your Bachelor’s degree. If you have 30 transfer credits, you can enroll into the Associate program; or 60 transfer credits and enroll into Bethany’s Undergraduate Theology program, which requires 90 credits to graduate. Once you have completed the Bachelor’s degree program, you can enroll into the seminary division and earn your Master’s and Doctoral degree.

The Benefits of Distance Off-Campus Study

Your home or office becomes your classroom. Through your computer you can study online or through regular postal mail. (1) It is convenient (2) It offers flexibility in your study time (3) You don’t have to stay fenced in to the traditional educational system. (4) Bethany’s programs are Bible centered and are put together to get you on the field of the Gospel Ministry, in a timely fashion, without sacrificing the essentials that are needed to accomplish the task.