Preparing Lessons and Mailing

Bethany requests students to present all lesson materials to the grading offices on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper, written only on one side. Graduate level students must submit their work typewritten. In most cases typewritten work is not required at the undergraduate level. However, it is strongly encouraged. In all cases, work must be neat and legible.

Included with the notebook received at the time of enrollment, each student will find a copy of the Grader Correction Sheet used for evaluating work. The items listed on the GCS, in addition to the content of completed assignments, will have an effect on the student's grade. The student should keep this copy of the GCS for future reference.

In an effort to keep the cost of tuition down, the student is required to pay the postage on all lessons sent to the school for grading, and provide a self-addressed, pre-stamped, return envelope. Students studying from outside the United States are asked to submit funds to cover the cost of return postage. The only exception to this rule is for Canadian students, who are required to send their completed lessons to the Canadian office. In such cases, return envelopes will carry Canadian postage. Insufficient postage will be charged to the student's account and must be reimbursed. All lessons should be mailed to the grading office as soon as they are completed. Should the student desire to use the internet to submit his lessons, he may email them as an attachment to his instructor for grading.