Chancellor's Message

Bethany's ChancellorDear Prospective Student:

Let me introduce you to an institution that was founded for one purpose and that is to prepare its students for the Christian ministry. Bethany provides you with a wonderful opportunity to receive your seminary education in Bible, Theology, Pastoral Ministry, Christian Education, and Christian Counseling. Moreover, Bethany has but one objective and that is to provide courses of study whereby you can receive the education needed to prepare for the area of ministry to which God has called you. Our goal is to produce graduates who have reached a level of competence in their respective fields, and to be good servants of Christ in the Church and in society.

It is now possible for you to achieve the Bible college or seminary training you have always wanted, and you don't have to give up your job or position with your church and move to a distant city.

Bethany provides a comprehensive external study program allowing the student to have concentrations in areas such as Bible, Christian Education, Christian Counseling, Pastoral Ministry, Missions, and Theology. To supplement the external studies, Bethany also provides on-site courses, symposiums, seminars, and workshops. For the student who has access to a computer, it is possible to receive additional instruction through on-line classes.

This approach is not new. Because of inflation and the lack of educational space, many leading colleges and universities are turning to this non-traditional approach.

Through the programs offered by Bethany, pastors, evangelists, missionaries and Christian workers can find a full range of studies, which lead to an earned, religious degree in Bible, and Bible related fields of study. Lessons are individually graded and whether the student attends on-site or studies through correspondence, personal attention is given to all.

Bethany uses standard Christian textbooks that are used by other Bible colleges and seminaries in its educational programs of study. Study guides and other materials are used to guide you through each course subject. The study guides are so designed to act as motivators, leading the student into an in-depth and meaningful study of the Bible and Bible related subjects. Each course has been proven to be effective in providing the knowledge needed to carry out God's will in the lives of those called into Christian service. Care has been taken to make each course both academic and practical.

Students will find the cost of studying through Bethany to be a fraction of the cost of many other Bible colleges and seminaries. We are also aware that the costs in obtaining a seminary education in some institutions make it difficult to pay the required tuition on the salary paid by many of our small churches. Therefore, we have endeavored to keep the cost down in order that you, the student, may receive the education needed for the work of the ministry. Moreover, the serious student of the Bible will find Bethany true to the Word of God, standing on the fundamentals of the faith. With the Bible as the supreme authority and recognizing that the Holy Spirit is the ultimate teacher, we accept the task of exposing the student to the necessary tools to prepare for an effective ministry.

It is our desire to equip men and women with the knowledge they need to become efficient in the field of labor to which God has called them. Bethany also seeks to mold character through a wholesome and intellectual study of God's Word. Moreover, we believe that all people, regardless of their educational level, should have an opportunity to receive a Bible education. Bethany's Vocational / Professional programs of study help facilitate this goal.

It is my desire, as Chancellor of Bethany, that if you are considering a Bible education in an effort to prepare for the ministry or other Christian service, you will consider enrolling with Bethany. While you may have had to drop out of school because of financial problems, here is an opportunity to take up where you left off. Start today by completing an application and returning it to Bethany.

Whether it is for one course or a complete program now is the time to observe and execute II Timothy 2:15 and study to show yourself approved unto God. It is His desire for us to rightly divide the Word. To accomplish this, we must put forth the effort.

In Christian Service,
H. D. Shuemake, Chancellor