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Bethany Divinity College

Scholarship Programs

Bethany Divinity College and Seminary provides education scholarships as part of it ongoing mission: helping students of all ages discover and utilize Gods designed roles for communicating the gospel. The Bethany Scholarship program assists students in there studying at an institution for higher learning here in the United States. The Bethany Scholarship Program helps any students pursuing Christian Education.

Bethany Scholarships are awarded bases on individual selection on recommendations from the President or Administrator of Bethany Divinity College and Seminary. Bethany Scholarship amounts vary as funding comes solely form designated gifts received throughout the year. Several recipients of these scholarship are now serving as Pastors, Laymen, Teachers, and Counselor in thier churches, while others serve as Missionaries aroung the world.

To receive the Bethany Scholarship, Please select one of the scholarship below. Please tell Bethany in a one page papper way should Bethany consider you as one of these recipiets. Please print the PDF out, sign the scholarship and return it with your one page paper. Don't for get to send in your enrollment application.

First Time Enrollment Scholarship

Undergraduate Level Scholarship

Master Level Scholarship

Doctoral Level Scholarship