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Testimonies Of

Bethany's Students

Rick P. Bradley,
Calvary Baptist Church, Marvell, Arkansas

“I have done studies through Mississippi State University. I completed all my undergraduate studies through Central Baptist College in Conway, Arkansas, where I earned the Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible. I also completed an additional year of study toward a Master of Arts degree from C.B.C….From that point on I have been involved in the doctoral studies through Bethany Seminary…The curriculum through Bethany is valid and more than adequate!”

Carol A.S. McElhenny, Mastic, New York

“I have been teaching in Christian schools for the past twenty years as well as serving in leadership positions in various ministries in the church. The Bachelor’s degree was conferred on me in January of 1992 and my Master’s degree in Religious Education in June of 1992. Because of what I learned through these degrees I felt the Lord would have me take the National Teacher’s Examination. I want you to know that I passed these tests.”

Chaplain Douglas Sewell, Garland, TX

“The Master of Ministry degree has paved the way for me to complete a Master of Science degree in Counseling from Baptist Christian University and a Master of Divinity degree from Liberty Theological Seminary. I must say that Bethany’s degree has thoroughly prepared me for the rigors of the U. S. Army Chaplaincy. I am honored to be one of its graduates.”

Kenneth B. Matto, Zarephath, NJ

“I have been hired by Zarephath Bible Seminary as an Associate Professor of Homiletics. They hired me strictly on my Bethany credentials.”

Dr. Herb Gaddy, Evangelist/Author, Birmingham, AL

“Thank God for Bethany, an institution that requires excellence in its intense and demanding curriculum. As a Bethany graduate with a Masters and Doctorate, I found their superb program of studies grounded in the Word of God fulfilled my educational desires.”

Dr. Craig Conner, Senior Pastor, Panama City, FL

“I appreciate the ministry of Bethany to train the called of God for service. Bethany has a proven history of a strong commitment to the Word of God. If you are looking for a school that stands firmly on the foundation of Scripture, Bethany is a good choice.”