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Meet our Faculty . . .

Tawanna Hall: General Education

Florida State University, Ph. D
Troy State University, M. S.
University of Alabama, B.S.

Dr. Hall's professional experience includes teaching and instructing at both the Elementary and College level. She has spent several years as a Program Coordinator of Psychoeducational Services and as a school Psychologist. Furthermore, she has served as a Contact Psychologist and for three years as Transfer Coordinator of Student Support Services with a state college.

In June of 1995, Dr. Hall was appointed as Dean of General Educational courses with Bethany, later to be named as Chair of Bethany's Educational Theology Track.

Dr. Lynn Miley: Missions & Religious Education

Bethany Bible College and Seminary, D. D.
Troy State University, M.S.
Free Will Baptsit Bible College, B. A.

Having a missionary for a father, Dr. Miley was raised on the Ivory Coast of Africa. He went on to serve eight years as a missionary to France and three years on the Ivory Coasts. In addition to his experience as a missionary, he has served over 20 years as a pastor.

Dr. Miley's teaching experience includes not only teaching missions and mission related subjects at the college level, but also the French language at the secondary education level in a private Christian school in the Dothan area.

His philosophy of the Ministry is that "the pastor is primarily a shepherd of God's flock, discharging his responsibilities of teaching, preaching, counseling, and evangelism with loving, compassionate authority, modeling in his own life those Christian virtues that he seeks to develop in his congregation."

Dr. Tom Nash: Divinity: Ministry

Westminister Theological Seminary, D. Min.
Westminister Theological Seminary, M. Div.
Samford University, B. A.

Dr. Nash has a wide ministry experience, having spent a year in South America doing missionary work, nine years as a church-planter and pastor, and providing service as a counselor from drug and alcohol rehabilitation. In addition to being a member of the core faculty with Bethany, Dr. Nash serves as the Associate Chair in the Ministry Theology Track.

His philosophy of the ministry is that the minister is to be a guide and resource to the members of the congregation. "According to the Scriptures all believers are to share in the work of God's kingdom. Through the Great Commission we are told to go and make disciples and teach them to observe what God has commanded. This involves the whole body of believers, each using his or her God-given gifts. The minister is to be the prime example of this and is to train and demonstrate with his preaching, teaching, and manner of life."

Dr. J.D. O'Donnell: Practical Theology

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, D.T
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, B. Div..
Bob Jones University, B. A

Dr. O'Donnell has served as a pastor for over 30 years. His professional experience includes: President of Bethel Bible Institute, Paintsville, KY (1978-82); President of Hillsdale College, Moore, OK, (1965-71); Professor at the Free Will Baptist College, Nashville, TN (1961-65); Tutor, Union Baptist Theological Seminary, New Orleans, LA (1960-61); and Principle, Chandler Mountain High School, Steel, AL (1949-50)

Dr. O'Donnell has authored a number of books which include: Faith For Today, (1965); A Survey of Church History, (1973); Handbook for Deacons, (1973); The Preacher and His Preaching, (1974); and Precious Bible Promises, (1983). He co-authored the following courses: A Survey of the Pentateuch, Books of Poetry, Books of History, and Books of the Bible.

Dr. William J. Stauff

Professor in Undergraduate Studies

Bethany Divinity College and Seminary, Ph. D.
Bethany Divinity College and Seminary, D.S.T.
Suffolk University in Boston, M.B.A.
Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, B.B.S.
Northeasten University in Boston, B.S.

Dr. Stauffs' professional experience includes teaching at the college level at Bethel College and Northwest College in St.Paul Minnesota and Erskine College in Due, West South Carolina. He spent 4 years at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association servies in ministries in India, Amsterdam, Nicaragua and Guatemala. He currently leads small groups and teaches systematic theology in several Bible studies. He has spent 28 years in Senior Administrative position in Higher Education including Harvard University, University of Virginia and University of Georgia.


Dr. Phillip W. Hunter : Pastoral Ministry / Bible

Bethany Divinity College and Seminary, D. Th., Ph. D.
Bethany Divinity College and Seminary, D.R.E., D.M.
Trinity Theological Seminary, Ph. D.
Trinity Theological Seminary, M.M.
Faith Evangelistic Christian Bible College, B.S.M.

Dr. Phillip W. Hunter attended Faith Evangelistic Christian College where he recived an Bachelor of Sacred Ministry. He was granted both a Master of Ministry and a Doctor of Philosophy degree at Trinity Thological Seminary. He also attended Bethany Divinity College and Seminary where he received the following degrees Doctor of Ministry, Doctor of Religious Education, Doctor of Philosopgy in Christian Counseling, and Doctor of Theology.

Dr. Hunter has spent over 30 years in pastoral ministries. During these years he has been pastor at the Community Baptist Church in Owensboro, Kentucky.


Dr. Bill Edge Sr

Bethany Divinity College and Seminary, D.M.
Master Graduate School of Theology, D.Th.




Dr. Carl W. Warden: Counseling

Louisiana Baptist University, Ph.D.
National Christian Counselors Association, L.C.P.C.
Bethany Bible College and Seminary, B.Min., Th.M., D.S.T.
Baptist Bible College, Th.G.

Dr. Edison E. Wiltshire: Ministry / Counseling

Bethany Bible College and Seminary,
M.Min. C.C., D.Div., Ph.D.
Institute of Pastoral Training, Nova Scotia, S.P.E.
Acadia Divinity College, Nova Scotia, Dip.P.M.
Acadia University, Nova Scotia, B.Th.
Memorial University of Newfoundland, C.Crim

George Thompson

New Orleans Baptist Seminary, M. Div


Dr. Myung B. Park: Dean of Korean Affairs

B.S., M.Div., D.R.E., D.S.T.,
Inha University, Korea,
Colorado Baptist College,
Florida Baptist Theol. College,
Yuin University,
Bethany Theological  Seminary


Dr. Suung Kim: Korean Professor

B.A., Th. B., M.Ed., M. Div., Ed. D.,
D. Min., D.R.E.
Sunkul University, Anyang, Korea
Jackson College of Ministries,
Jackson, MS, USA
Myungji University Graduated School, Seoul, Korea
Joongang Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Seoul, Korea
Kalos M.A. College, Baguia, Philippines
Ashland Theological Seminary, Lynchburg, VA, USA ( Candidate )
Bethany Divinity College and Seminary
Dothan, Alabama U.S.A.

Dr. James W. Clifton - Professor

Professor of Bible and Bible Related

Bethany Divinity College and Seminary, Ph. D.
Latin American Faculty for Theological Studies, M. T. S.
California Coast University, M. S.
California College for Health Sciences, M. S.
Bethany Divinity College and Seminary, Th. M.
Delta State University, B. S.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Dr. Joseph J. Finn - Professor

Professor of Church History

Greenwich School of Theology , Ph. D.
California State University, M. A.
American Christian College and Seminary, M. A.
Florida International University, B.A.

Dr. Michael V. Stine - Professor of Graduate Studies

Professor of Homiletics, Evangelism, Philosophy

Ashland Theological Seminary, D. Min.
Ashland Theological Seminary, M. Div.
Ohio State University, B. A.

Dr. Gary S. Day - Professor

Professor of Bible , Theology

American Bible College and Seminary, D. Min.
New York Theological Seminary & New Brunswick Theological Seminary, M.Div.
Cross-cultural Comm. / A/G Graduate School / A/G Theological School, M.A.
Northeast bible College / Phoenixville Christian College, B.S.

Dr. Richard E. Tompkins - Professor of Graduate Studies

Professor of Apologetics, World Religions, Cults

Southern Evangelical Seminary, D. Min.
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, M. A.
Southern Illinois University, M. B. A.
Southeast Missouri State University, B.S.A.

Under Development


Dr. Laurence Goding - Professor of Graduate Studies

Professor of Christian Education and Bible

Nova Southeastern University, Ed. D.
Denver Seminary, M. A.
Southwestern College, B. A.