When to Enroll

 Students may enroll in Bethany’s Distant Learning Programs at any time. Those students desiring to attend the courses, seminars, symposiums, and workshops offered on-site at any of the School’s locations, must enroll in accordance with the Academic Calendar.

Admission and Registration

 Students of all races and ethnic groups are admitted if they:

  1. Give testimony of having accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour
  2. Feel that God has called them to Christian Service
  3. Have a high school diploma or its equivalent (foreign equivalent is acceptable) prior to entering the college division; have a baccalaureate degree or its equivalent from Bethany or an acceptable college prior to entering the seminary division
  4. Read, understand and respect the Bethany’s Doctrinal Statement of Faith.

Persons desiring to enroll in either the college or seminary division of Bethany must make application to the Office of Admissions at Dothan. Canadian students should apply through the office. Application forms may be obtained from the respective Administrative Offices or filled out and submitted online. Applicants must submit a completed application along with bust photo (for identification purposes), appropriate fees, and student copies of transcripts, if available. (It is the student’s responsibility to contact schools previously attended requesting that official transcripts be sent directly to Bethany’s respective Offices of Admissions.)

Important Notice

After an evaluation has been completed and returned to the student for approval, the institution will consider the application active for six months. If the prospective student does not enroll within that time limit, all records will be discarded. Should the prospective student wish to enroll after that time, he or she will be required to submit a new application along with all documentation and fees