Student Resume & Portfolio Program

Bethany recognizes that a great deal of learning takes place outside the traditional classroom. Students who have gained substantial knowledge and skill in appropriate subject areas before attending Bethany, may apply for consideration of admission at an advanced standing. Such students are required to submit a Student Resume & Portfolio Guide. This form may be acquired from the Office of the Dean at the main Dothan campus, or for Canadians, through the Canadian Office.

Under the Student Resume & Portfolio Program, an applicant may receive up to six-semester hour’s credit at the undergraduate level, for each documented year spent in full-time Christian service, not exceeding 30 credits. No credit is given towards graduate work under this program. The college will determine the number of credits given after reviewing an applicant’s work history and previous college training. In no case will an applicant be issued a degree or diploma without having completed 30 credits through Bethany. There is a non-refundable $35.00 fee for this evaluation.

Students who are working toward a degree in Religious Education may receive credit for on-the-job teaching experience while attending Bethany. To be considered for this credit, students will have the principal or dean of the school where they are employed, submit an evaluation of their work to Bethany.

Students, who are pastoring or working under full-time pastors while attending Bethany, may obtain credit for this experience. To be considered for this credit, the students’ supervising pastors will report to the College.

Students in Christian counseling who, while studying with Bethany, are working under full-time qualified Christian counselors or completing counseling practicums, may obtain credit for this on-going experience. To be considered for this credit, the supervising counselors must submit regular reports. Documented experience in Human Services may also be considered.

The College will provide appropriate forms for such evaluations.

Portfolio Learning Assessment is limited to undergraduate studies. No P.L.A. will be allowed at the graduate and postgraduate levels.