Completing A Course

Bethany’s off-campus studies are different from those in the classroom where several courses are taken at a time. In the off-campus program, the student is asked to complete one course at a time until the entire program is finished.

In residence study, a student generally completes five courses a semester, averaging a total of 15 semester hours each term. A two-semester residence program would enable a student to earn 30 semester hours. A student in Bethany’s off-campus program who averages one 3-semester hour course every month for ten months will also complete 30 semester hours.

With this pace in mind, the off-campus student is encouraged to complete a 3-semester hour course each month. (This is not demanded, but recommended). Courses carrying 6-semester-hours credit should be completed in two months, (not demanded but recommended). At this pace the student studying in the Off-Campus Program, can complete approximately the same amount of materials at home as the student in the classroom. However, should a student need more time, he or she is required to contact the school for an extension. Slower students are allowed to work at their own pace. The slower student is required to contact the school at least once during each thirty-day period to give a brief report of progress. Once a course has been submitted for grading, the student should allow three weeks for the graded materials to be returned.

Students who fail to communicate with the school for more than three months will be placed on an inactive list and a $50.00 fee will be required to re-activate the files. Failure to communicate with the school does not relieve students on payment plans from making monthly tuition payments. Such students may combine the monthly payment with a note explaining the reasons for delays in completing work, thus fulfilling the contract requirement. If a student enrolls into one of Bethany’s degree programs and does not submit any work or does not contact the school for an extension, after 24 months, the student will be dismissed.

Students taking on-site courses must complete all assignments given by professors. All outside work should be turned in on time and all students must be present for the final examinations unless providentially hindered. In such cases, other arrangements must be made to fulfill requirements. Failure on the part of the on-site student to abide by these instructions could also result in failure of courses.