Bethany’s Credence

(Perspective, Purpose and Objectives, Mission, Philosophy, Equal Opportunity)

Bethany’s Perspective

Bethany is cognizant of the high cost of the traditional classroom approach to teaching, and the difficulties so many students have in attending regular college classes. Although Bethany offers a traditional on-site program of study on   Monday and Thursday nights, its main objective is to provide a quality non-traditional education in ministry. This program was designed for those in the Christian community who find the on-campus approach impractical. Often it is not realistic to uproot the entire family, leave a current job, or resign a church or employment to attend college.

Because of the need for a non-traditional methodology of ministry training, Bethany developed a high quality, self-motivating and self-disciplining curriculum for the off-campus approach. The courses consist of conservative Bible teaching through textbooks, research, assignments and deductive reasoning.

To have an effective external program of study, it is necessary to have contact with the students. This is accomplished by requiring each student to maintain contact with the college every ninety (30)days. This gives an   opportunity to report on progress, answer questions, and discuss future goals.

Although there is much debate over the validity, methodology, and credibility of external studies, like other institutions, Bethany stands firm on this approach. This institution believes that the non-traditional approach offers one ingredient that is often missing in many traditional schools – self-discipline. With the proper tools and guidance, off-campus programs are as valid and credible as any other method of study.

Bethany’s Purpose

Bethany Divinity College and Seminary, as a religious institution of higher learning, purposes to glorify God through enabling its students to be men and women of character, to seek personal and spiritual fulfillment and to commit to Christian service in the Church and in society.

Bethany’s objectives to achieve this purpose are:

  • To offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in the appropriate fields to equip students for the ministries to which God has called them.
  • To integrate the spiritual, academic, vocational, professional and pastoral aspects of ministry, so that graduates may contribute effectively to the  furtherance of the Christian gospel.
  • To orient, motivate and lead students to emotional health, Christian commitment and spiritual depth.
  • To provide students with an understanding of the Bible as the basis of the Christian life and thought in keeping with the School’s Doctrinal  Statement.
  • To encourage students’ inquisitive and creative minds so that tools for critical analysis and continuing intellectual pursuits may develop to enhance ministry.
  • To produce graduates who will be competent in their respective ministries to be good servants of Christ in the Church and in society.
  • To help students know themselves under God through an increasing awareness of spiritual gifts and personal potential, to know other people by becoming sensitive to their needs, and to acquire the skills required in their particular area of ministry.

Bethany’s Mission Statement

The mission of Bethany Divinity College and Seminary is to equip men and women for Christian service in the Church and in the world as pastors, missionaries, educators, theologians and counselors, through effective biblical studies leading to undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Bethany’s Philosophy

The philosophy of Bethany Divinity College and Seminary is rooted in the Bible, which is the standard that undergirds the curriculum of this institution. Bethany believes that knowledge of the Word of God must be paramount in the     education process for Christian workers. All students are encouraged to study to show themselves approved unto God, in accordance with II Timothy 2:15; to read the Word of God, in accordance with I Timothy 4:13; and to share the Word of God, as demonstrated in Acts 8:26-35.

Every attempt has been made to keep tuition at a minimum so as to offer a college and seminary education to as many as possible. The traditional classroom approach to teaching is expensive, and the difficulties so many students have in affording and attending regular college classes abound. While Bethany offers traditional on-site   programs, the School specializes in a quality non-traditional education. This program was designed for those in the Christian community who find the on-campus approach impractical and unaffordable.

Bethany recognizes that God is the source of all knowledge. Therefore, its curriculum includes some general educational courses to help students obtain appropriate information and knowledge which is necessary for effective ministry. All of Bethany’s educational and research programs are Christ-centered and reflect Biblical principles and non-humanistic interpretations.

Bethany recognizes the Holy Spirit as the ultimate teacher and the Bible as the supreme authority. A love for God’s Word and a thorough knowledge of it are prerequisites for any effective ministry.

Equal Opportunities

 Bethany admits qualified students who desire to receive training for service to the Church and the community without regard to race, color, handicap, sex, age, or  national or ethnic origin. Bethany does not discriminate in administration of its  policies, admissions policies, or scholarship programs.