Bethany’s tuition is kept at an absolute minimum in an effort to put a Bible education in reach of any serious minded student. The following charges, fees and the appropriate tuition will be required for each program:

  • Academic Fee                                              $  90.00
  • Application / Evaluation Fee                    $  50.00
  • Matriculation Fee                                       $  60.00
  • PLA Fee                                                         $   35.00
  • Graduation Fee  (Pay At Graduation)     $ 175.00

Tuition Per Credit:

  • Undergraduate  Level                                $   80.00
  • Master’s  Level                                            $   90.00
  • Doctoral  Level                                            $ 100.00

Audit Class:

To audit courses on-site, students must pay the enrollment fee plus 50% of the cost of the current undergradute tuition.

Cost of Standard Programs

  • Undergraduate Programs requiring 30 hours                                                                        $  2,600.00
  • Master’s  Programs requiring 36 hours                                                                                   $  3,440.00
  • Master’s Programs requiring 60 hours                                                                                    $  5,600.00
  • Master’s Programs requiring  90 hours
    Broken up into 3 sets of 30 Hrs.
    Cost  $ 2,700.00 + $200.00 in fees = Total Cost for Program is                                             $  8,300.00
  • Doctoral Programs requiring 54 hours                                                                                    $  5,600.00
  • Doctoral Programs requiring 60 hours                                                                                    $  6,200.00

Note: The Graduation Fee is NOT included in the programs listed above. The Graduation fee must be paid on the day of Graduation.

Special Enrollment

Students wishing to enroll in one course at a time or individual courses will be required to pay the Application/Evaluation Fee as listed above. This fee will remain in effect until the student has completed a total of 30 semester hours. Additionally, the Matriculation Fee for this special enrollment will be charged at $6.00 per course and $9.00 per course for the academic fee.

Tuition for students enrolled for one course at a time at the 100, 200, 300, and 400 course designations, are charged at the undergraduate level. Courses at the 500 designation are charged master’s level tuition, while courses at the 600 and 700 designations are charged at the doctoral level.

Important Notice

Special enrollments are required to pay all fees and tuition cost before course materials are sent. Special enrollments are subject to current tuition charges. Should there be an increase in the institution’s tuition rates, the student’s rate will also increase on future courses.