When can I enroll in the off-campus program?

Ans. The student may enroll at any time, day or month, of the year, in Bethany’s off-campus program of study. On-campus students enroll for the fall semester in August and the spring semester in January. On-campus semesters are 16 weeks in duration.

Q.  When will I graduate?

Ans. Bethany holds an annual graduation the last Thursday in May of each year. At this time Bethany’s students can attend a formal graduation ceremony with caps and gowns. During the graduation exercise students can have their picture made receiving their degrees, and have fellowship with other graduating students. Attendance at graduation exercise is not compulsory but encouraged.

Q. What are the requirements for enrolling with Bethany?

Ans. A high school diploma or its equivalent is required to enroll into the undergraduate program and a Bachelor’s degree is required to enroll into the Master’s degree program. A Master’s is required to enroll into the Doctoral program.

If the student does not have a high school diploma, then he or she may enroll as a Special Student. The student must have the capability of doing college work. The Special Student may receive a diploma for completing an undergraduate program of study, but not a degree. The Special Student may not be enrolled into a Master’s level, or a Doctoral level program of study.

Q. Who can enroll with Bethany?

Ans. Any person regardless of race, color, nationality or ethnic origin may enroll as a student with Bethany. However, it is required of all enrolling students to give testimony that they have received the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

Q.  How do I enroll with Bethany?

Ans. First the student is asked to complete an enrollment/evaluation form which is found on Bethany’s website and submit it to Bethany. There is a $50 application fee. The student may make payment through the use of a credit card. Once the application has been received and approved. The student may then select to pay cash upfront for the program of study and receive a 20% discount, or set up tuition payments over a twelve-month period.

Q. What degree programs are available off Campus?

Ans. Off-campus, programs are available for earning a diploma, or the Associate, Bachelor’s Master’s or a Doctor’s degree. The student may study courses online where available, or through the use of the U.S. Mail. Completed lessons may be submitted by email.

Q. Should I enroll for a complete 30 credit program?

Ans. It is recommended by the college and seminary that the student enroll for a 30-credit program, complete that program and move on to the next year’s program of study. An example for those working on a Bachelor’s degree, is to enroll in the first year’s program, complete it and receive the Bible Diploma, then enroll into the second year, complete it and receive the Associate degree, and so on with the third and fourth year.

Q.  Can I enroll for only one course subject?

Ans. The student may enroll for one course subject at a time if that is his or her desire. However, the student should make the request to the Office of Admissions. The student will find this approach to be a little more expensive than enrolling for the entire 30-credit program.

Students wishing to enroll in one course at a time will be required to pay the Application Fee of $50. The application fee will remain in effect until the student has completed a total of 30 credits. Students enrolled in one course at a time will be charged a $6.00 Matriculation Fee per course subject, plus an additional Academic Fee of $9.00. Presently, the tuition for a three-credit course in the undergraduate level, would cost after paying the application fee, $80.00 per credit, plus additional fees of $15.00, a total of $255.00

Q. Does Bethany offer any discounts or scholarship?

Ans. Bethany offers a 20% discount when a student enrolls for a 30-credit program and pays all tuition and fees up front. The spouse of an enrolling student may receive a 50% discount on his or her costs, providing the spouse enrolls at the same time and studies the same number of credit hours as the enrolling student, during the same time period. There is no discount when enrolling for, and studying one course subject at a time.

Q. Does Bethany supply the required textbooks?

Ans. The answer is no. The student is required to purchase his or her own textbooks just the same as required of the on-campus students. The student may purchase his or her textbooks through a local book store.

Q. How can I pay for my degree program?

Ans. The student may pay cash up front at the time of enrollment and receive a 20% discount, or the student may make a down payment of $150.00, the balance to be paid in twelve monthly installments. (See Bethany’s online catalogue for complete information).   The monthly, installments, for tuition, is to be paid through Bethany’s Tuition Management Program. There is no interest to pay. No degree or diploma will be issued by Bethany until all fees and tuition have been paid.  There is a $25.00 late fee added to all payment that are late.

Q. Does Bethany apply the application / evaluation fee towards the entire cost of a program?

Ans. Yes, Bethany applies the enrollment/evaluation fee of $50 towards the total cost of the program.

Q. If I enroll for a 60 credit program, do I enroll for the first 30 credits and then again for the second 30 credits?

Ans. If a student enrolls for a 60-credit program, the entire program must be paid through one installment plan rather than two 30-credit programs. The program may be set up on monthly installments through Bethany’s Tuition Management Program just as one paying installments on a 30-credit program. However, one may enroll for the first 30 credits, and then after completing the first 30 credits, enroll for the second 30 credits.

Q. How may I enroll with Bethany?

Ans. The first step is to acquire an application either by requesting one by mail, or downloading one from Bethany’s website.

If the student is using the application taken from the website, the applicant must complete all the application, answer all questions and provide the required information and submit it with $45 application/evaluation fee. Once the evaluation has been completed and returned to the student, the student is then asked to make his first payment or payment in full and at that time the student is considered officially enrolled with Bethany.  If the application is being submitted by the internet, the applicant may use a credit card to make his or her application/evaluation fee payment.

Q. When will I be officially enrolled and when will I receive my study materials?

Ans. After the applicant has been evaluated and given a proposed program of study for earning the desired degree, and after the student approves the proposal, he or she will then notify the school and submit the down payment or payment in full. The student is then officially enrolled with Bethany. Following this payment, the school will send to the student the required study materials.

Q. Will I have someone to help me and guide me through my studies?

Ans. The answer is yes. The student may receive help and guidance by calling or emailing the college office, or the student may contact a professor/mentor should one be assigned. The student is never left without someone to help in the time of need.

*Should the student need more information, he may contact the college and seminary at (334) 793-3189 or E-mail Dr. Carl Kevin Freeman at kfreeman@bethanybc.edu.