Bethany Divinity College and Seminary has established a Korean Department offering studies in the Korean language. Study guides have been translated into Korean and Korean textbooks are used. The student mainly follows the same program that is used by those who study in English.

Korean students may study off campus and complete their programs of study. The student will be assigned a Korean professor who will serve as a mentor and guide the student in their study. The student will complete assignments and mail the completed lessons to the professor who will grade their work and send the grades to the main campus. All Korean students who desire to study on campus must be able to communicate in the English language.

To make application, the student will send the completed application either to a professor or to the main campus with the tuition fee. All materials and  assignments will be sent from the main campus to the student.

For more information, contact one of the Korean professors listed.



Dr. Amos Suung Kim

 Korean Professor
B.Th., M.Ed., M.Th., D.Min.

Hankook Theological Seminary · Law College of Chosun University · Graduate School of Foreign Language in Seoul,Korea · The Chong-Shin Reformed Assembly Theological Seminary of New York · Bethany Divinity College and  Seminary, Dothan, Alabama U.S.A.


148-09 Northern Blvd. Apt. # 1-I • Flushing, NY 11354
Tel. (718) 321-1982 • (917) 744-7696


Dr. Yong Hyum Kim

 Korean Professor
B.TH., M.Ed., M.Div., Ph.D.

Hanse University, Korea · International Bible College and Seminary, CA · Christian Divinity School, Cheonan University  Bethany Divinity College and Seminary, Dothan, AL, U.S.A.

2719 47th Street • Columbus, GA 31904
Tel. (709) 221-7888 • Cell Ph. (404) 421-4727


 Dr. Soo Man Kim

Korean Professor
B.A., Th. B., M.Ed., M. Div., Ed. D., D. Min., D.R.E.

Sunkul University, Anyang, Korea · Jackson College of Ministries, Jackson, MS, USA · Myungji University Graduated School, Seoul, Korea · Joongang Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Seoul, Korea · Kalos M.A. College, Baguia, Philippines · Ashland Theological Seminary, Linchburg, VA, USA (Candidate) · Bethany Divinity College and Seminary, Dothan, Alabama U.S.A.

2978-1(3F) Sangdeawon3-dong, · Jungwon-gu, Sungnam-si
Telephone : 02-6083-9690 / 031-735-0736
Cell Phone: 010-4500-9630 / Fax.031-735-0737



The following tuition and Fees apply to Bethany’s Korean and Overseas     students. Students wishing to withdraw from the college or drop a program of study must do so within 30 days after receiving the course materials. Such students must call and notify the college of their intent to withdraw, secure approval, follow-up in writing, and return the packet of materials to the college. Please see page 17 for the Financial and Refund Information.

Bethany’s Korean students are supplied with lesson materials and textbooks written in the Korean language. However, the student is required to buy his or her own textbooks.

NOTE: Students who desire to audit the courses must pay the $50  enrollment fee, plus $30 per SH Credits. They are entitled to all in-class  handouts. Costs for all seminars are in addition to the student’s regular tuition.

The Graduation Fee must be paid at the time of Graduation.



Academic Fee………… $ 200.00
Application Fee……….$   50.00
Graduation Fee………. $ 175.00
Matriculation Fee…….$ 100.00
Reading Thesis Fee….$ 200.00

Tuition Per Semester Credit Hour

Bachelor’s Level ….… $ 80.00

Master’s Level ………..$ 100.00

Doctoral Level ………..$120.00

Cost of Standard Programs

Undergraduate Programs requiring 30 SH credits …..………………$ 2,750.00

Master’s Programs requiring 36 SH credits …………………………$ 3,950.00

Doctoral Programs requiring 40 SH credits ………………………….$ 5,350.00

Doctoral Programs requiring 54 SH credits …………………………$ 7,030.00