Withdrawal Procedure

Students finding it necessary to withdraw from their courses of study should contact the office in writing. Ceasing to submit lesson assignments or failing to attend classes does not constitute withdrawal. Neither does it relieve students using tuition payment plans from their financial obligations to the school. When applicants sign their application forms, they are signing a legal contract with Bethany Divinity College and Seminary.

Financial / Refund Information

Students wishing to withdraw from the college or drop a program of study must do so within 30 days after receiving the course materials. Such students must call and notify the college of their intent to withdraw, secure approval, follow-up in writing, and return the packet of materials. If this procedure is followed, all monies paid to the college will be returned according to the refund chart below. The following will not be refunded to the student: $ 45.00 application / evaluation fee, $ 50.00 matriculation fee, and $ 35.00 PLA fee. If a student withdraws without the consent of the college president or dean, or if the withdrawal is requested after the 30 days have expired, no refund will be made.

Bethnay’s tuition is kept to an absolute minimum in an effort to put a Bible education in reach of any serious minded student. The following charges, fees and the appropriate tuition will be required for each program:

Academic Fee ——————————————-  $  75.00
Application / Evaluation Fee ————————– $  45.00
Matriculation Fee ————————————— $  50.00
PLA Fee ————————————————– $  35.00

Graduation Fee, ( Effective April 1, 2012 ) ———– $ 175.00


Tuition Per Semester Credit Hour
 Undergraduate Level ———————————— $   80.00
Master Level ———————————————  $   90.00
Doctoral Level ——————————————-  $ 100.00

Refund Of Tuition Chart

* From 0-10 Days from enrollment 100 %
* From 11-17 Days from enrollment 80 %
* From 18-23 Days from enrollment 60 %
* From 24-30 Days from enrollment 40 %
* After 30 Days from enrollment 0 %

Note: To audit courses on-site, student must pay the $ 45.00 enrollment fee plus $30.00 per semester hour credit.  The are entitled to all in-class hand outs.

Students are reminded that signing the Application constitutes a legal contract with Bethany Divinity College and Seminary.