Creditable Recognition

Bethany is aware that students seeking a school from which to earn their degrees want a college or seminary that is creditable. With professors who hold earned accredited doctoral degrees serving as chairpersons over each of Bethany’s Theology Tracks, the School has developed one of the finest and most unique distance educational programs available. Some of Bethany’s students have transferred to other accredited institutions of higher learning where they have studied for advanced degrees. Others have been licensed by their state for Christian counseling. We have had some students accepted as chaplains; others have been promoted in their church ranks, while others are holding teaching positions.

President of Troy State University,
Dothan, Evaluates Bethany

“The number of credit hours required for the degree program are in keeping with other colleges including secular universities. Furthermore, area of study and structure of degrees (From Bethany) is comparable to the same degrees at older and better known Bible College and Seminaries. It is my professional opinion that Bethany Divinity College and Seminary maintains the integrity of its Statement of Purpose and Mission in all areas.”

Robert M. Paul, B.S., M.A
Consultant in Higher Education
Enterprise, Alabama

(Mr Paul is the former president of Troy State University, now Troy University, Dothan Campus who retired in January 1986. He was hired by Bethany to evaluate the College and Seminary’s programs of study as well as its approach to education).