Bethany opened it’s doors to students in Dothan, Alabama in 1982. The school operated in a store front building in the downtown area of Dothan for two years before purchasing its own campus. Since that time the school has expanded to a nice campus that provides administration offices, an auditorium, a fellowship hall and classrooms as well as a library. The college owns and operates a Christian radio station, WVOB 91.3 FM. The potential for continued growth looks promising.

During the early years of Bethany, there were men, well know for their fundamental stand on the Scriptures, who came to Bethany and preached, some conducting seminars, and gave to the school a foundation on which to build. Since those early days, Bethany has continued the legacy for which these men were, and still are, known for. Dr. Lee Roberson was known for his soul winning endeavors.  Dr. Harold Sightler was known for his stand on the KJV of the Bible and for old-time religion. Dr. Raymond Barber was and is known for his fundamental views of the Bible. Bethany has tried to wrap all of these into the philosophy of the school and instill them into its students. Bethany is aware that not all will accept the views of these men, but the administration of the college and seminary has made it part of the objective of the school to promote and teach these basic concepts.

Bethany teaches that believers are responsible for carrying out the Great Commission given by Christ Himself in Matthew 28:19, and that calls for soul winning. The college and seminary uses only the King James Bible in its classroom and stands for the fundamental truths found in the Holy Scriptures.

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