This program is designed for students who feel God has called them into the ministry of teaching and preaching the Bible. Persons who enroll into this program include both pastors, evangelists, missionaries and other full-time Christian workers. To receive this degree the student must have earned 120 SH credits which may include life experience credits, transfer credits and credits earned with Bethany.

The suggested courses are required courses and cannot be deleted or changed. If the student shows evidence of having completed one of these courses at another institution, the course requirement will be waived and the student will be allowed to select another course subject.

First Year – General Bible Diploma

En-101     English Grammar * – 3SH
En-102     English Composition ( Take En-101 First) *- 3SH
Bi-102     O.T. Survey * – 3SH
Bi-103     N.T. Survey *- 3SH
Bi-105     The Pentateuch * – 3SH
Bi-107      Manners and Customs I  – 3SH
Bi-108     Manners and Customs II – 3SH
Bi-109      The Gospels – 3SH
Ph-102      Beginning Hermeneutics – 3SH
Mi-101      Evangelism – 3SH

TOTAL                                        30SH

Second Year – Associate of Arts in Religion

En-103     English – Introduction to Literature * – 3SH
En-104     English – Introduction to Humanities * – 3SH
Ma-101     General Mathematics * – 3SH
Th-201     Bible Doctrine I * – 3SH
Th-202     Bible Doctrine II * – 3SH
Mi-103     Missions – 3SH
Bi-206     Bible Types – 3SH
Bi-106     Israel’s History – 3SH
Bi-201     The Tabernacle – 3SH
Bi-202     Biblical Evidence – 3SH

TOTAL                          30 SH


Third Year – Undergraduate of Theology

Ps-301     General Psychology * – 3SH
Sp-101     Speech Communication * – 3SH
Bi-209     Acts and Pauline Epistles * – 3SH
Bi-301     Intro. To O.T. Prophetic Books * – 3SH
Bi-310     Biblical Understanding – 3SH
Bi-209     Acts and Pauline Epistles – 3SH
Th-302     General Theology I * – 3SH
Th-303     General Theology II * – 3SH
Pm-203     Beginning Homiletics – 3SH
Ph-302     Apologetics – 3SH

TOTAL                                       30 SH


Fourth Year – Bachelor of Arts in Religion

Bi-409     Heart of The New Testament * – 3SH
Bi-410     The Life of Paul * – 3SH
Bi-407     Poetic Books – 3SH
Bi-408    General Epistles – 3SH
Bi-406     Revelation – 3SH
Bi-311     Heart of Hebrew History – 3SH
Th-401     Law and Grace – 3SH
Th-402     The Holy Spirit – 3SH
Ph-301     The Cults – 3SH
Pm-403     Homiletics – 3SH

TOTAL                                   30 SH