Dr. Harold Cooper

Ashland Theological Seminary, D.Min.,  Andover Newton Theological School, B.D.,
M.Div.,  Gettysburg College, B.A.,  Philippine Christian College,  University of Santo Tomas

James C. Gibson

Faith Evangelistic Christian Theological Seminary, D.Min., Th.M.,  Indiana Baptist College, B.A.

Dr. Kenneth Gibson

Asbury Theological Seminary, D.Min.,  Ashland Theological Seminary, M.Div.,  Messiah College, B.A.

Andy Hall, Jr.

Tennesse Temple University, M.R.E.,  Madison College, B.Mus.Ed.

Dr. Charles D. Hammond

University of Arkansas, Ed.D.,  Texas Christian University, M.Div.,  Southern Illinois University, B.A.

Dr. William G. Harley

Georgetown University, M.A.,  U.S. Air Force Academy, B.S.

Dr. Jerry Knoblet

Luther Rice Seminary, D.Min. ,  Denver Baptist Theological Seminary, M.Th.
Grace Theological Seminary, M.Div.,  Fort Wayne Bible College, B.S.

Dr. Joseph Loftis

Concordia Theological Seminary, M.Div.,  Concordia College, B.A.

Dr. C. Ray Pepple

New Orleans Theological Seminary, M.Div.,
Southeastern Bible College, M.A. in Theology Waubonsee College,
B.A. Business Administration Trinity College & Seminary

Dr. Gene H. Schweizer

Bethany Bible College Seminary, D.Min.,  Perkins School of Theology
Texas A&I University, M.S.,  Angelo State University, B.S.

Dr. Edgar Simpson

Bethany Bible College and Seminary, M.B.S., D.B.S.,  Bethany Bible College, B.B.S.

Dr. Larry Smetak

Trinity Theological Seminary, D.Th.,  Central Baptist Seminary, M.Div.
Pillsbury Baptist College, B.A.

Dr. Daniel Vaughan

Atlantic Baptist College, D.Th.,  Lousisiana Baptist University, M.B.A.

Dr. Douglas Vick

Central Baptist Seminary, M.Div.,  California State University, B.A.
Pierce Junior College, A.A.

Dr. Timothy Wilkins

Perkins School of Theology, M.Div.,  Southwestern College of Christian Ministries, B.S.

John Williamson

Trinity Theological Seminary, M.A. Biblical Studies,  Empire State Baptist Seminary

Dr. Joseph J. Finn

Greenwich School of Theology , Ph. D.,  California State University, M. A.
American Christian College and Seminary, M. A.,  Florida International University, B.A.

Dr. Michael V. Stine

Ashland Theological Seminary, D. Min.,  Ashland Theological Seminary, M. Div.
Ohio State University, B. A.

Dr. William J. Stauff

Bethany Divinity College and Seminary, Ph. D.,  Bethany Divinity College and Seminary, D.S.T.
Suffolk University in Boston, M.B.A.,  Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, B.B.S.
Northeasten University in Boston, B.S.

Dr. Gary S. Day

American Bible College and Seminary, D. Min.,  New York Theological Seminary & New Brunswick Theological Seminary, M.Div.,  Cross-cultural Comm.,  A/G Graduate School A/G Theological School, M.A.,  Northeast bible College / Phoenixville Christian College, B.S.

Dr. Laurence Goding

Nova Southeastern University, Ed. D.,  Denver Seminary, M. A.,  Southwestern College, B. A.