The Doctor of Missiology degree with a concentration in Missions is built around a core of courses in Missions. Through it the student is taken to an advanced level of study in this field.


Prerequisite for enrollment in this program is an earned Master of Ministry degree (concentration in Missions) or its equivalent from Bethany or an acceptable college.

The student must have completed the following undergraduate courses or their equivalents: Mi-401 Indigenous Church building, 3SH; Mi-403 Cross Cultural Communication, 3SH; and Mi-404 Cross Cultural Church Planting 3SH. If the student has not completed these course subjects or their equivalent, they must be substituted for one of the courses listed in the D. Miss. Curriculum.


To receive this degree, the student must complete the following 54 SH program of specified courses beyond the Master’s level:

Mi-601       Directed Reading in Missions – 3SH
Pm-602     Advanced Homiletics – 3SH
Pm-606     Pastoral Administration – 3SH
Mi-602      Missions Practicum – 3SH
Rel-605     Religion in America I – 3SH
Pm-701     Pastoral Theology – 3SH
Hi-501       Christianity Through the Ages – 3SH
Cc-508      Competent to Counsel – 3SH
Pm-605    Expository Preaching – 3SH
Bi-601      Expositional Methods – 3SH
Ls-601      Computer Skills – 3SH
Ls-602     Research and Methodology – 3SH
Mi-601     Seminar – 3SH
Rel-603   World Religions – 3SH
Ph-601     Advanced Apologetics I – 3SH
Ph-602    Advanced Apologetics II – 3SH
Mi-701    Thesis – 6SH

Total                                              54SH


Upon successful completion of this program, the student may be conferred upon the Doctor of Missiology.