The Ph.D. in Religion degree with a concentration in C.C. is built around a core of courses in Bible and Counseling.  Through it the student is taken to an advanced level of study in this field.


Prerequisite for enrollment in this program is an earned Master of Arts degree (concentration in Christian Counseling) or its equivalent from Bethany or an acceptable college.


To receive this degree, the student must complete the following 60 SH program of specified courses beyond the Master’s level:

Cc-605      Psychology of Counseling – 3SH
Cc-701      Psychological Research – 3SH
Cc-602     Effective Biblical Counseling – 3SH
Cc-603     Listening and Human Personality – 3SH
Cc-604     Counseling and Addiction – 3SH
Cc-606     Christian Counseling – 3SH
Cc-702     Psychology and Counseling – 3SH
Cc-801     Counseling Internship – 3SH
Cc-512      Directed Reading – 3SH
Bi-505      Mosaic Writings – 3SH
Rel-701     History of Christianity – 3SH
Rel-704     Life and Times of Christ – 3SH
Bi-601       Expositional Methods – 3SH
B-701        New Testament Exposition (Matt-Mk) – 3SH
Ls-601      Computer Skills – 3SH
Ph-601     Advanced Apologetics I – 3SH
Ph-602     Advanced Apologetics II – 3SH
Ls-602     Research and Methodology – 3SH
Cc-802     Thesis – 6SH

TOTAL                                                          60SH

Upon successful completion of the above doctoral program, the student may be conferred upon the Doctor of Doctor of Philosophy in Religion with a concentration in Christian Counseling.