The D.T.S. degree is the final step in a series of study leading to this doctoral degree. The first step is the Bachelor of Theological Studies, the second step is the Master of Theological Studies, and the third step is the Doctor of Applied Theology. The D.T.S. is a program developed whereby the student continues to explore greater depths in Theology utilizing scientific methodologies.


Prerequisite for enrolment in this program is an earned M.T.S. degree (60-credits) or its equivalent, with a Theology Major, from Bethany or an acceptable college.


To receive this degree, the student must complete the following 40SH program:

Th-700     How To Write a Thesis Research * – 1SH
Th-701      Prolegomena, Bibliology, Theology Proper, and Christolog * – 3SH
Th-702     Angelology, Anthropology, and Hematology  * – 3SH
Th-703     Soteriology  * – 3SH
Th-704     Ecclesiology, Eschatology  * – 3SH
Th-705     Christology  * – 3SH
Th-706     Pneumatology * – 3SH
Th-708     Thesis (20,000 words)  * – 6SH
Bi-601       Expositional Methods – 3SH
Bi-602      Biblical Exposition ( Gen – Deut ) – 3SH
Bi-701       Biblical Exposition ( Matt – Mlk ) – 3SH
Ph-601      Advanced Apologetics I – 3SH
Ph-602      Advanced Apologetics II – 3SH

TOTAL                                                           40SH


Theology (Th) courses required.

Upon Completion of the above program of study, having met all the requirements, the Doctor of Applied Theology degree will be conferred upon the student.