The Master of Ministry with a concentration in Missiology is the first stop in achieving the Doctor of Missiology with a concentration in Missions. This program contains a core of courses in missions.


Prerequisite for enrollment in this program is an earned Bachelor’s degree (concentration in Missions) or its equivalent from Bethany or an acceptable college.


To receive this degree, the student must complete the following 36 SH program:

Bi-505     Mosaic Writings – 3SH
Mi-504    Survey of World Missions – 3SH
Mi-505    Anthropology – 3SH
Ph-503    Advanced Hermeneutics – 3SH
Mi-506    History of Missions – 3SH
Bi-504     The Life of Christ – 3SH
Bi-506     Romans – 3SH
Bi-507     The Gospel of John – 3SH
Mi-507    A Theology of Missions – 3SH
Mi-502    Directed Reading – 3SH
Mi-503    Missionary Internship – 3SH
Mi-508    Independent Research  – 3SH

TOTAL                                    36SH

Successful completion of the required work in this Master of Ministry program prepares the student for enrollment in the Doctor of Missiology degree.