The Th. G. is awarded to persons completing 90-semester hours of credit in a program with emphases in Bible and Theology. For the first two years of study the student may select either the A.A.R. or A.A.M. program of study.


Third Year – Undergraduate of Theology


Bi-209     Acts and Pauline Epistles – 3SH
Bi-301      Intro. To O.T. Prophetic Books – 3SH
Bi-210      Biblical Understanding – 3SH
Th-302      General Theology I – 3SH
Th-303      General Theology II – 3SH
Ps-301     General Psychology – 3SH
Pm-203     Beginning Homiletics – 3SH
Sp-101     Speech Communication – 3SH
Mi-201     Bible Basis of Missions – 3SH
Ph-302     Apologetics – 3SH

TOTAL            30SH